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Fall Movie Night Sponsorship

The Southside Foundation will once again provide opportunities for sponsorships to our Fall Movie Night.  Please Contact Us to request more information.

Arts Education

The future success of America in the global economy will rely on its creativity and innovation. Arts education (music, visual art, theatre, dance) teaches and nurtures creativity, judgment and discipline.


Read about our Southside Arts Program

The Sarasota Herald Tribune recently published an article on the Drama Program that our principal - Mr. Steve Dragon—has initiated at Southside Elementary as well as Gocio Elementary in Sarasota.  Click here to read the article.


Thomas Crisp - Professor, University of South Florida

"Research has documented that an arts curriculum not only reduces dropout rates and raises SAT scores, it fosters the kind of innovative thinking that is what employers are seeking and the country needs."


Thomas Friedman—NY Times Columnist

“Students today must be encouraged to exercise their right brain, the creative part that fuels innovation.  Innovation is the way America can compete with global Companies.” 


For more information on the benefits of Arts Education, visit the Florida Alliance of Arts Education web site at