Elements of Dance for Grades K- 5

This class is a basic beginning movement class that teaches movement theory concepts and allows for future evolution of dance.  The four basic elements of dance (body, space, force and time) are explored.  Stationary and locomotor movement concepts are practiced.  Conditioning techniques are taught through movement phrases and dance expressions.  The classical positions of the body are clarified, spatial awareness becomes a subject, and floor patterns are used as directives in daily class assignments.  The children work with props, and partner activities that foster collaboration.  The class is exposed to a wide variety of world music that is used to foster their education. 


Modern Improvisation Class for Grades K-5

Emphasizing creative thinking and imagination skills to create individualized movement will be our goal.  The children will learn to be conscious of the space around them. Spacial awareness will be a key goal in allowing open movement to succeed.  Listening skills will be heightened as different musical styles are introduced and become familiar. The change and flow of the music will dictate how ones movement is expressed.


Composition for Grades K-5

This class will emphasis creative decision making skills by applying principles of movement rather than specific technique.  This emphasis of principles will lead to the ability to choreograph movement phrases both independently and collaboratively. Students will learn through movement and imagination how to play in the studio and constructively create art. Each class will consist of a series of age adapted structures that lead to creating a new dance in every class session: warm-up, exploration of movement concepts, improvisation on a theme, composing and showing original movement, and reflective feedback. The importance of musicality will be emphasized, but the goal will be movement composition for dance construction. By learning to dance through artistic decision making students learn to express themselves with a clear voice that is unique to them.