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Elements of Dance for Grades K- 5

This lesson is an introduction to beginning movement. The four basic elements of dance (body, space, force and time) are explored. Stationary and locomotor movement concepts are practiced and conditioning techniques are taught through movement phrases. The class is exposed to a wide variety of world music that is used to foster their education. 


Modern Improvisation for Grades K-5

Students will learn through play that movement can be spontaneous. Improvisation emphases creative thinking and imagination skills to create movement phrases. Spatial awareness, listening skills and self-expression exercises prepare the children to use improvisation as a tool.


Composition for Grades 3-5

These lessons will emphasis creative decision-making skills. Lessons will consist of age appropriate structures that lead to creating original dances. By learning to dance through artistic decision-making students learn to express themselves with a clear voice that is unique to them.


Choreography Curriculum by Grade

GK- Nursery rhymes, songs and movement games help develop physical development.

1st grade- Multi-sensory props and instruments influence choreography studies.

2nd grade- Partnering and group work to a wide variety of music styles.

3rd grade- Lyrical choreography to artists like Aretha Franklin, The Chordettes, Frank Sinatra, The Temptations, and James Brown are explored.

4th grade- Cultural dances from around the world are taught.

5th grade- Dance history is the basis for collaborative dance studies.


Dance Props for Grades K-5

Ribbons, balls, bells, rhythm sticks, egg shakers, castanets, beanbags, mats, fans, a maypole, and costumes.


Dance Clubs and Musical Theatre

GK-1st grade: Small Stars Ballet Club

2nd-3rd grade: Razzle Dazzle Dance Club

4th-5th grade: Kaleidoscope Dance Club

GK-1st grade: Spring Musical

2nd-3rd grade: Spring Musical

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